Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Know the Score - January 15/16

After going a measly +15 in my last week of IKTS, another weekend brings another chance to gain some ground on the rest of my league. For the predictions this week, I have the following:

Chelsea 3 Blackburn 1 (Banker)
Manchester City 2 Wolves 1
Stoke City 1 Bolton 2
West Brom 1 Blackpool 1
Wigan 1 Fulham 1
West Ham 2 Arsenal 1

Birmingham 2 Aston Villa 2
Sunderland 2 Newcastle 0
Liverpool 2 Everton 1
Tottenham 1 Manchester United 3 (Insurance)

To throw in a few extra games I will make my picks for the NFL Divisional Round:

Baltimore Ravens 13 Pittsburgh Steelers 24
Green Bay Packers 27 Atlanta Falcons 21

Seattle Seahawks 17 Chicago Bears 31
New York Jets 13 New England Patriots 28

Until next week....

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Know the Score - January 4-5, 2011

So I decided to start posting my picks from I Know the Score for each premier league game to show how good (or bad) I do each week. For those of you that don't know what I Know the Score is, it's a free prediction game on that you pick the score of each game and get points based on how your prediction matches up against the actual score. Here is how the scoring works:

Correct Score: 30 points
Correct Draw: 20 points
Correct Goal Difference: 15 points
Correct Outcome: 10 points
Wrong Outcome: -10 points

You also have a banker bonus that you can place on any game that gives you either a x2 or x3 multiplier, depending on the difficulty of the pick. However, this can hurt you if you make a wrong pick, and you can get as much as -30 on a game if you pick the banker and get it wrong, but can also get as much as +90 if you pick the banker and get it right. There is also an insurance marker that protects you from any negative points on a match if you were to pick it wrong. Here are my picks for Gameweek 22:

Tuesday, February 4th

Blackpool 2 Birmingham 1
Fulham 1 West Brom 1
Manchester United 3 Stoke City 0 (Banker x2)

Wednesday, February 5th

Arsenal 2 Manchester City 2
Aston Villa 1 Sunderland 2
Newcastle 2 West Ham 0
Wolves 1 Chelsea 1 (Insurance)
Blackburn 1 Liverpool 1
Bolton 2 Wigan 0
Everton 1 Tottenham 1

So far, I am +310 on the season, which is about mid-table in both of the leagues (having missed the first two weeks of the season). Until next gameweek...